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Trustworthy Computing

Distributed Applications

Component Based Architectures

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About Me

Skills & Personal Interests.

I’m an ambitious MEng Computer Science graduate from the University of Hull. I’ve accumulated and improved a variety of hard and soft skills over the course at Hull, specialising my skills towards a software developer career.

As an aspiring software developer, I’ve gained particular skills throughout my study, it has been generally C# development based due to having used Microsoft technologies such as XNA and ASP .NET Framework, primarily the latter. However, I have touched upon other programming languages such as C++, C, Java, and Javascript whilst being exposed to multiple source controls such as SVN, TFS, and GitHub.

It’s essential for a software developer to have experience working part of a team. Communication and teamwork is necessary for breakthroughs and success. It’s more fun to succeed as a team. I see myself as a good candidate for a software developer role since I have experienced working in small teams and managing a team project in an agile software development with Scrum.

Other than my career ambition, my extracurricular activities involve football on a weekly basis and gym sessions on a regular basis. Learning and experiencing diverse cultures either from my travels, speaking to locals, watching documentaries or reading about the local culture is an interest of mines. Software development technologies have become an interest due to software development being a large part of what I do, learning and experiencing technologies that I have not used before is fascinating.

  • C# Development

    Including the ASP .NET Framework, WPF.

  • Web Development

    Including ASP .NET, MVC, WordPress.

  • Agile Development

    For example, the Scrum framework.

  • Communication & Teamwork

    Though team projects and extracurricular activities

Kevin Tang

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Kevin Tang

Software Developer
MEng Computer Science graduate from the University of Hull.

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